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Taco Bell
(501) 224-9004
1200 John Barrow Rd
Little Rock, AR
Pei Wei Asian Diner
(501) 280-9423
205 N University Ave.
Little Rock, AR
Taco Bell
(501) 664-5161
4424 Markham Road
Little Rock, AR
Starbucks Coffee Company
(501) 664-4865
201 N University Ave
Little Rock, AR
Taco Bell
(501) 562-4973
6233 Colonel Glenn Rd
Little Rock, AR
Starbucks Coffee Company
(501) 801-3412
420 S University Ave
Little Rock, AR
Starbucks Coffee Company
(501) 202-2000
9601 Lile Drive
Little Rock, AR
Shanghai Express
(501) 661-0788
300 S University Ave
Little Rock, AR

21 (Twenty-One) Restaurant - fka Ferneau
(501) 603-9208
2601 Kavanaugh Blvd.
Little Rock, AR
Contemporary American
Dress Code
Business Casual

Starbucks Coffee Company
(501) 603-9230
5719 Kavanaugh Street
Little Rock, AR

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes - Bridal Showers

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Everyone looks forward to attending the bachelorette party before the wedding day. Adding a theme to the event spices up the typical bachelorette party, helps you forget the wedding planning for a minute, and makes for some pretty memorable stories and pictures! Here are eight fun bachelorette party themes and ideas for a great “girl’s night out”.

Road trip: The group can plan an overnight or weekend trip to a nearby destination and plan activities. Examples could be a casino road trip, a beach trip or a whitewater rafting trip.
Scavenger Hunt: At the beginning of the night, the bride-to-be is given a list of items or tasks to complete before the end of the night. A few examples of what could be included on the list are:
  • Give a cop a kiss
  • Sing a song in a crowded restaurant bar
  • Collect a pair of boxer shorts
  • Get a picture of bride and a stranger in a sports car
If you like, the scavenger hunt can include the wedding planning party as well and you can decide on any penalties for not completing the list.
Candy for a Buck: The group takes the bride out on wearing a T-shirt that has candy attached. Each guy that wants a piece of candy must pay a buck.

Wearing a Lei: Each bridesmaid wears a lei throughout the entire night.

Shirt Full of Names: The bride wears a shirt that has different male names on it. For each man she meets throughout the night, she must ask him to find his name on her shirt and he must sign the shirt when he finds his name. At the end of the night, the bride does a shot or some other type of wedding planning penalty for each “unsigned” name on her shirt.
Question and Answer: This theme is kind of like the Newlywed Game show. The wedding planning hostess asks the groom-to-be questions before the bachelorette party in secret. Once at the party, the bride-to-be is asked the same questions. If she answers differently from the groom-to-be she has to eat, drink or do something embarras...

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