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Hotel Plaza Real
(505) 988-4900
125 Washington Avenue
Santa Fe, NM

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Lodge at Santa Fe
(505) 922-5800
750 North St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM

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New Mexico History Museum
(505) 476-5104
105 West Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, NM

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Museum of International Folk Art
(505) 476-1203
706 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe, NM

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Cities of Gold Hotel & Conference Center
(877) 455-0515
10-A Cities of Gold Road
Santa Fe, NM

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Hotel St. Francis
(505) 983-5700
210 Don Gaspar
Santa Fe, NM

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New Mexico Museum of Art
(505) 476-5068
107 W. Plaza
Santa Fe, NM

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Sunrise Springs Inn and Retreat
(505) 471-3600
242 Los Pinos Road
Santa Fe, NM

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Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
(505) 476-1251
710 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe, NM

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Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
(505) 843-6300
800 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM

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6 Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

Fort Mill Photography
It’s true—there are some brides who would rather leave all the wedding planning to the experts and just show up to the wedding ready to have a good time. If this is your premarital prerogative, then a destination wedding might be the perfect solution. These weddings offer a number of benefits as an alternative wedding option, tailoring romantic excursions for every personality from adventure seekers to luxury travelers to beach bums. Here, 6 reasons why couples are forgoing the traditional ceremony and reception for destination experiences to last a lifetime.
1. Out of town weddings can take place anywhere
Contrary to popular belief not all destination weddings have to take place at the beach. "Destinations can be anywhere away from where the bride and groom live," says Greg Strobach, co-founder of All About Honeymoons. "It could be a lake, mountain, as well as sea area." At All About Honeymoons, the largest romance travel agency in the world, while the most popular destinations are Mexico and the Caribbean, the company’s romance travel specialists are skilled in planning getaways all over the world. So consider locations where you and your groom like the most—the scenic landscape of a mountain range, the rustic feel of the woods or even on the grounds of a fairytale castle. Your destination is anywhere the imagination takes you.
2. Destination weddings can actually save you money
Sticking to a proposed budget is often a major stressor for couples. But the affordability of these weddings has made this option increasingly popular for many budget-conscious couples. "The traditional U.S. wedding costs quite a bit of money these days. What we do is look for resorts that are all inclusive (food and drink provided) so that the bride and groom and their families can save money," Strobach notes. An added benefit of booking at a resort or island location? No additional traveling for the honeymoon—you’re already there.
3. Your loved ones can take a vacation, too!
More and more families are spread out over the U.S. and across the globe,and since they’re traveling they might as well turn your wedding into a vacation suggests Robin Spelman, CFO of All About Honeymoons. When working with your wedding planner, let him or her know how many guests you’re expecting to attend the destination wedding and their length of stay. That way, your planner can suggest activities to keep family and guests entertained while they’re away. (This also takes the burden off your shoulders from playing tour guide!)

4. Travel agents can customize the wedding of your dreams
Planning a wedding is a breeze when you work with a professional travel agent. They’ll listen to your requests, book all the arrangements, prepare special events for the ceremony (think fireworks and butterfly releases) or offer recommendations according to your specific needs. However, when starting your travel agent search, beware of companies with little experience in des...

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