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Daybreak Antique Clothing
(518) 434-4312
127 N Lake Ave
Albany, NY
United States Government
(518) 431-4274
239 3rd St
Albany, NY
Sears Roebuck And Co
(518) 454-3007
239 3rd St
Albany, NY
Cousins Seafood & Meat Market Inc
(518) 449-8830
239 3rd St
Albany, NY
Midtown Paging & Clothing Outlet
(518) 432-4385
85 N Pearl St
Albany, NY
Midway Retail
(518) 813-4507
57 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Sham Clothing & Sportswear
(518) 463-6227
113 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Albany Battery
(518) 426-3030
239 3rd St
Albany, NY
Mens Room Barber Shop
(518) 449-1400
54 Columbia St
Albany, NY
Amore Clothing
(518) 434-4054
123 State St
Albany, NY

A Groom's Guide to Formalwear - Wedding Fashion

The bride isn’t the only one who needs to look stylish on the wedding day. The groom needs to take the time in his wedding planning duties to find the perfect tuxedo to compliment the style of the wedding fashion attire.

Find a reputable formalwear shop in your area to get the ball rolling. You don’t necessarily need to go to a national chain, even if your wedding party doesn’t live in town. Most tuxedo shops will do measurements even if you aren’t renting the tuxedo from their shop.

Look at the latest styles, keeping in mind what the formality and style is for your wedding fashion . Try on tuxedos to see which style suits you best. Send out tuxedo measurement forms to the rest of your wedding party, giving them a deadline to return it to you or the tuxedo shop.

Have your entire wedding party try on their tuxedos as soon as they arrive at the shop. Make sure everything fits correctly, and that all the pieces are there. Count cuff links and button studs if they are included. And don’t forget to try on the shoes.

Make sure all the groomsmen have black socks to wear with the tuxedo. You may want to pack some extra pairs in your wedding day emergency kit, in case someone shows up in white tube socks.


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