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Macon Health Club
(478) 743-5262
389 1st St
Macon, GA
Community Health Education Center
(478) 633-2229
777 Hemlock St
Macon, GA
Slim Tone
(478) 474-7546
6255 Zebulon Rd # 250
Macon, GA
Gold's Gym
(478) 471-9199
3076 Riverside Dr # F
Macon, GA
(478) 476-5599
4013 Northside Dr
Macon, GA
Kids Fitness Center
(478) 750-0913
1200 Riverside Dr # D
Macon, GA
Medical Center Of Central Georgia
(478) 633-7389
858 High St
Macon, GA
Medical Center Of Central Georgia
(478) 474-5600
3400 Riverside Dr
Macon, GA
Golds Gym Aerobic Fitness
(478) 471-9199
3076-f Riverside Dr
Macon, GA
The Next Level Sports
(478) 405-1920
4375 Interstate Dr
Macon, GA

Wedding Fitness: Build a Healthy and Happy Day

The obvious first choice a bride makes when thinking about how she will look on her wedding day is her gown is of utmost importance. And of course her headpiece and veil and the jewelry and the shoes. BUT, there are many other things that “frame” this look and contribute to wedding beauty! This is an exciting time in your life filled with wedding planning appointments that might stretch even further an already tight schedule, leaving you little time for fitness. However, your wedding diet can play an important role on a healthier you and a healthier and happier wedding day!

Your wedding diet includes eating properly and exercising or looking after other physical and personal appearance details. Why is it fitness important, especially for your wedding day? You may go in for your first dress fitting, leading up to the wedding, and suddenly realize that the gown is a little tighter than it was when you first tried it on . . . or that your shoulders and arms don’t look as firm and toned as you’d like them to . . . or the definition in your back is not as prominent as it could be for the perfect look of that backless gown you’ve chosen! You panic and think, “Oh, I must go on a diet!” Dieting alone won’t create the look that you desire for yourself in that gown. You must also think of your overall fitness.

You may wish to consider the services of a personal trainer to help you get your wedding diet. According to Christopher Rao, founder and owner of the Wellness Zone in Winter Park, Florida, a 12-week session, twice a week, with a personal trainer can get you amazing results! “A trainer can do an evaluation of the client, taking girth measurements and performing a body composition analysis so the client knows where he or she stands at the beginning of the training sessions. They can also assist by planning a wedding diet and nutrition program to suit the particular weight loss needs (if any) and log all this information int...

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