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Bridal Center
(763) 550-3992
4116 North Lancaster Lane
Plymouth, MN

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Savvi Formalwear - Minnesota
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Twin Cities Metro Area, MN

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Emmy Lu Design Studio
(651) 328-1066
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Minneapolis, MN
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Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis
(612) 929-5789
3054 Excelsior Blvd
Minneapolis, MN
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Open Invitation
(612) 387-7168
1718 Polk Street NE
minneapolis, MN
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490 Summit Catering & Reception Site
(651) 292-9623
490 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN

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Invitations For Less
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5055 Norman Drive
Minnetonka, MN
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I Do wedding maps
(612) 964-2084
730 4th Street North #304
Minneapolis, MN
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Zip Printing
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Minneapolis, MN
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Pages By Peterson
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette, Part I

Formal wedding invitation
Wedding invitation etiquette is a custom that couples have relied on since the beginning of time. Revered as the go-to resource for wedding day protocol, proper wedding etiquette lends a solution for tackling every hitch, hurdle or snafu under the sun (from answering questions such as "How do I address envelopes to unmarried couples" to setting deadlines for RSVPs). And invitation etiquette is just as valuable with its knowledgeable abundance on the how’s and why’s of requesting the presence of family and friends at your wedding day festivities.

Today’s stationary and wedding envelopment vendors offer an assortment of paper weights, dimensions and colors of wedding invitations in various price points—making it that much easier to add a personal touch to your wedding stationary. Bear in mind, whether you choose modern designs with bold colors and fancy fonts, or a conventional look with 5" x 7" letterpress on ivory stock, wedding invitation etiquette states that the text of your invitation should always include the key details (location, date, time, etc.) in clear wording to keep guests well-informed of any events surrounding your wedding day. In this two-part article, we've broken down a few more rules to following
wedding invitation etiquette .

Part I: Design Basics (Stationary Selections, Formatting and Style)

Wedding Invitation Stationary
Once you have decided on a date and time for your upcoming wedding, you should soon begin the process of ordering your wedding invitations. Basic wedding invitation stationary is comprised of five essential pieces:
1. Wedding Invitation
2. Reception Card
3. Response Card
4. Inner Invitation Envelope
5. Outer Invitation Envelope
Additional elements of wedding stationary include maps or direction cards, insert cards and other decorative embellishments like envelope seals and ribbons.

Wording the Host Family (or Families) on Your Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation etiquette tradition, wording should include the names of whomever serves as host.
  • If the wedding is hosted by the bride's family, the invitation should read as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jones
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Rebecca Elizabeth
James Scott Pearson III

  • If the groom's family hosts, the order of names should appear as:

Mr. and Mrs. James Pearson Jr.
invite you to celebrate the union of
Rebecca Elizabeth Jones
to their son
James Scott Pearson III

  • If both families are hosting, all names should go on the wedding invitation (etiquette) :

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James Pearson Jr.
invite you to share in the union of their children
Rebecca Elizabeth
James Scott III

  • If the bride and groom are hosting the wedding themselves, their names should be the only ones listed on the invitation.

The pleasure of your company ...

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Wedding Invitations: How-tos for Wedding Postage

Wedding Invitation How-tos
Whether you made them yourself or ordered them from a professional printer, you’ve most likely put a lot of time, effort and money into the design of your wedding invitations. It’s time to mail them out, but do you know how? Mailing out your wedding invitations is a lot more than just slapping a stamp on them and dropping them in the closest mailbox. Read on for top tips and guidelines to ensure your wedding invitations get to their destination on time and in pristine condition.

First things first, when you receive your wedding invitations, put together one complete invitation (including all added inserts, tissue paper, invitation jackets, bows, etc.) and take it to your local post office. They will measure and weigh your invitation and let you know exactly how much your postage will be. Both size and weight can affect the amount of postage you need to pay, so if you are trying to save money on postage, consider the amount of embellishments you add to your wedding invitations.

Don’t assume your invitation will be the same amount of postage as your gas and electric bill; going into the post office and having it weighed and measured by a postal worker will ensure your wedding invitations don’t get returned to you for insufficient postage. If you have a uniquely sized RSVP card, you will want to have that looked at by the post office as well. Irregularly shaped envelopes generally require more postage too.

Wedding Stamps
The post office usually has a selection of wedding themed postage stamps that you can use on your wedding invitations, or you can customize your own. Personalized wedding stamps have become increasingly popular and can be designed and created at a large number of websites. You can personalize them with your wedding colors, your wedding theme, or you can even put a picture of the happy couple on the wedding stamp itself. A personally created wedding stamp is the ultimate final touch in accessorizing your wedding invitations.

Hand Canceling
When you mail a letter at the post office it is processed and filed through machines with all the other letters that get mailed on a daily basis. Most wedding invitations are thicker, larger or different shaped than regular mail however, and run a higher risk of getting stuck or damaged in these machines. You can avoid this risk by having your wedding invitations hand canceled, which means they will be processed by hand and not put through automated processing machines.

When you are set to mail your wedding invitations, hand deliver them to a postal worker at the post office and ask that they be hand canceled with a rubber stamp. Not only will this ensure your beautiful invitations don’t get caught in any machinery, it will minimize the amount of printing markings and bar codes that get put on the invitation.

Changes in Postage
From time to time the postal service raises the price of stamps. To avoid returned invitations or non-delivered RSVP cards, be s...

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Wording Wedding Invitations - Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wording Wedding Invitations

Properly wording wedding invitations will help spotlight the mood and tone of your wedding for guests. If you plan a formal ceremony with multi-course dining at the reception, your invitations and related material should be formal. But if you dream of a casual garden wedding with wildflowers and a cloud-dappled sky, your stationery should reflect that vision.

Traditionally, wedding invitation etiquette is clarity, consistency and good taste. Your invitation often is the first signal that prospective guests get about your wedding plans. Properly shaping the message and its tone is important.

Your first priority in wording wedding invitations is to provide information—the who, what, where, when and why; so beloved by journalists. Make sure these details are clear. All the fancy designs and color accents won’t make up for not communicating your message.

wedding invitation etiquette is more than a sentimental request for someone to share in your happiness. It’s also the result of engineering, design and technology. Here are some of the processes and technology that can be used to make your request an irresistible invitation:

1. Calligraphy. Handwritten calligraphy is still the most elegant way to prepare your wedding invitations wording, but it’s usually very costly. Many stationery stores now provide calligraphy machines that can inscribe your invitations at lower cost. If you really want handwritten calligraphy, but can’t afford it for your entire invitation and related materials, hire a calligrapher to hand-address the envelopes only.

2. Computer Printing. Best for informal invitations, computer printing costs the least. You can, however, select from a wide range of paper and typefaces, and use specialized software to create elegant borders and decorative accents.

3. Engraving. The most formal process in
wedding invitation etiquette is engraving. It is also the most expensive. The paper is pressed against a metal plate, which causes the letters to be raised on the paper. Once you create an engraving template, or “die,” it’s yours, and your stationer usually will keep it filed for your later use.

4. Handwritten. If you have beautiful penmanship and time to burn, buy beautiful paper and envelopes, then write your personal invitations by hand, a process highly recommended by
wedding invitation etiquette purists. You can set the tone for your celeb...

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